Where do travel nurses stay?

Choosing to live in a travel nursing agency. Obtain temporary furnished housing, such as an Airbnb or extended-stay hotel, or.

Where do travel nurses stay?

Choosing to live in a travel nursing agency. Obtain temporary furnished housing, such as an Airbnb or extended-stay hotel, or. The most common option for travel nurses is to allow your agency to find accommodation for you. Most agencies have an in-house housing department that finds a place for a short-term lease (they often have long leases where they rotate travelers in and out).

The agency also rents your furniture package, pays for your utilities, and can even get you household items such as bed linen and dishes (usually for an additional fee). I've also heard of some agencies that pay for cable and Internet, although that's not common. I have a nice group of stylish furnished apartments in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, created for travel nurses. I am happy to help anyone looking in or around this city.

Robert, I have clean and comfortable rooms to rent in my house. Free parking at the property that is located in Mt. Vernon, New York, on the Bronx border. Easy access to public transportation and major hospitals, such as Montefiore, Jacobi, North Center and others in Westchester and Bronx.

I am a healthcare worker at a local hospital. Save my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It's impossible not to include New York in a list of the best cities for travel nurses. The city that never sleeps has job opportunities for almost everyone, especially travel nurses.

Tourism and opportunities attract several to New York City every year, the Big Apple currently has more than 8 million. Can you imagine how busy hospitals are? During off-hours, travel nurses can enjoy the city's diverse attractions and bustling activities that span New York. To top it all off, New York nursing salaries are among the highest. Working at one of the best hospitals in New York, New York-Presbyterian, Hospital for Special Surgery, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center could take a travel nurse's resume to the next level.

Travel Nurses in the United States Benefit from Adventure and Variety at Work. As a travel nurse, you can visit such places as glorious Florida, bustling New York City, Hawaii's surfer's paradise, Alaska's natural beauty, and every state in between. The good news is that there are about 40,000 extended-stay properties in the U.S. UU.

Extended Stay America is probably the most popular operator of extended stay hotels among travel nurses. This is because they usually offer the most amenities at the best price. For example, most Extended Stay America hotels include ovens and a free grab-and-go breakfast. As a travel nurse, you may see discount codes for Extended Stay America and other properties floating around the travel nursing community and on deal websites such as RetailMeNot.

We invite you to use these codes. Travelers Haven offers temporary accommodation options for individuals and businesses. Airbnb is a popular short-term lodging option, though it's mostly associated with vacation rentals. Overall, it's a temporary hosting site with a simple platform that's easy for first-time users to navigate.

Furnished Finder, together with its sister site, Travel Nurse Housing, is an accommodation platform that specifically caters to traveling nurses. HomeAway, and its sister site, Vrbo, are other long-term accommodation platforms for travel nurses. Like Furnished Finder and Airbnb, you can use their platform to secure long-term accommodations wherever you are. Since travel nurses are often remote when conducting housing searches, they are a little more susceptible to scams.

However, now that we've covered the basics, we can take a look at the general issues you should consider when finding your own travel nursing accommodation. Basically, rents tend to be the riskiest and most difficult options for travel nurses to work with. No emails, roommate interviews, or hassle when you're trying to find the right option for your travel nurse assignment. Furnished Finder is not involved in the transaction in any way, which means there are no fees for travel nurses.

We usually travel with most of these “extras”, but other travelers I know buy them cheaply on each assignment, so they have less to get around with. This is considered temporary accommodation only for the purpose of carrying out your travel nursing duties at the time of assignment. A few years ago, a travel nurse recruiter may have managed your home, but that is becoming an old-fashioned practice. And as a mobile nurse, she knows that her job requires her to travel from city to city, no matter what time of year.

Travel nurses can browse the ads and perform searches using the search function that Facebook provides for groups. I worked with a lot of travel nurses who used Craigslist to furnish entire apartments for less than a month's cost of a furniture rental company. . .

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