What city has the most travel nurses?

If you are starting to think about travel nursing, we strongly recommend that you read this Travel Nursing Guide. It covers everything from how to become a travel nurse to how to maximize your salary.

What city has the most travel nurses?

If you are starting to think about travel nursing, we strongly recommend that you read this Travel Nursing Guide. It covers everything from how to become a travel nurse to how to maximize your salary. If you're prioritizing cost of living over general compensation, you might want to take a look at these big cities. You have unique perspectives to share, ambitions to pursue, new cities to explore, and experiences that can't be summed up in a list of skills.

Let's show the world how amazing it is to be a nurse. Everything you need to know about what's happening in healthcare this week, straight to your inbox. Avon, IN, is a Midwestern city of 12,000 people. It's the kind of place where people want to raise their children.

Travel nurses who venture to Avon can spend their free time at the local water park or Beasley's Orchards and Gardens. Local hospitals include IU Health West Hospital, St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospital - Avon, Hendricks Regional Health - Avon Campus, St. Vincent Neighborhood Hospital — Plainfield and OrthoIndy West Hospital.

Any of these facilities may need additional emergency room, ICU, and other nursing specializations. Pizzaville and Wiskey Bent are top recommendations for dining and there are several great breakfast options in town. Travel Nurses Can Shop Downtown Mansfield and Enjoy Historic Sites. The local Chamber of Commerce can provide you with information on local attractions to explore when you are not at work.

You can also visit Farr Best Theater, which is 100 years old. The Gypsy Nurse and Nursefly offer travel nurse jobs for Chewelah, WA, a small town of 2,600. Joseph's Hospitals can hire travel nurses with their area of expertise. Washington State is known for its natural beauty and there are dozens of lakes where nurses can fish and swim during their free time.

This is a family-oriented area known for its winter skiing and biking, snowmobiling, and hiking opportunities in the nearby USFS Colville Nat'l Forest. Florida has the highest percentages of travel nurses and health professionals of any state in the country. This is largely due to the influx of seasonal population that cities like Miami receive, as the East Coasters flee their winters in search of the warm Florida sun. Not to mention, lots and lots of retirees.

From school nursing contracts to higher-paying ICU positions, there's no shortage of opportunities for nurses looking to visit Phoenix. With an average of more than 300 days of sunshine a year, this thriving city has definitely earned the nickname “Valley of the Sun”. Add in countless restaurants, museums, scenic trails, and world-famous golf courses and spas, and we can guarantee you'll find plenty to enjoy on your days off. Are you considering nursing jobs? Start with the Best Cities for Nurses.

These 15 rank in the top positions for their comforts, opportunities, nursing salaries and quality of life. We answered the question, “where are travel nurses most needed? , but how can you make sure you're chosen for the job? Where are travel nurses most needed? Ask a Trusted Nurse Staffing recruiter where you can make the biggest impact today. Moving to a new city every few months and trying to secure a short-term monthly lease option can be a hassle for those seeking a travel nursing career. Charles Hospital and Stony Brook University Medical Center are located in the area and may require travel nurses with different specializations.

Since most travel nursing tasks only last 13 weeks, you have a seemingly endless opportunity to see new places, live in new places, meet new people, and bring your healing talents to those most in need. For travel nurses who want to stay and work in a small community but who have geographical access to New York City, this would be an ideal place to expand their skills and explore the area. If your goal as a travel nurse is to work in some of the most advanced medical centers, the following cities are a good option. During their free time, travel nurses can explore attractions such as the California State Railroad Museum, the American River Bike Trail, and historic Old Sacramento.

Florida's sunny weather may attract travel nurses who love city beach access and tropical weather. Becoming a travel nurse is especially rewarding if you want to experience different cultures and environments while earning a decent salary. Travel nurses are paid one of the highest salaries in the industry, especially in busy New York City hospitals. Kauai's natural beauty and mild climate attract more than 1.3 million visitors each year, which means there are plenty of employment opportunities for traveling nurses.

Known as the southern beauty of the Georgia coast, Savannah is the ideal nursing city for those who want it all. The idea of adventure, flexibility and good pay are just some of the advantages that make travel nursing so popular. The best travel nursing cities have more opportunities and also tend to have a higher rate of pay to match. NurseFly and RNNetwork are great places to start your job search for travel nurse opportunities in Lakeland, FL.

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