Can a travel nurse choose where they go?

Probably the most important aspect of nursing while traveling is being flexible. The truth is that you have to go where the jobs are.

Can a travel nurse choose where they go?

Probably the most important aspect of nursing while traveling is being flexible. The truth is that you have to go where the jobs are. So, define what's important to you, but also keep an open mind and consider the different opportunities we can suggest to you. You might discover a skill you never had, a place you fall in love with, or a team you'll never want to leave.

A travel nurse can stay in one state for as long as she wants. Travel nursing jobs are available nationwide, but available assignment locations will depend on current staffing needs. Ultimately, you decide where you want to go, chances are that if your dream location isn't available now, it will be in the future. While you don't have to move around the country for each task, there are certain rules regarding how far an assignment must be from a nurse's home to be considered a traveler.

Most hospitals apply what's called a “radio rule,” which is the minimum number of miles a nurse must live from the facility to qualify as a travel nurse. 50-mile radius rules are common, but the number can range from 40 to 200 miles, depending on the facility. If you decide to be a travel nurse, get ready to pack your bags. You may be able to find the perfect allowance that will keep you a few hours away from where you live, but you'll still need to establish temporary residence to qualify for your tax-free housing stipends and paying for meals and unforeseen expenses.

No matter the distance, don't expect to be able to travel from home. Being a travel nurse in your own state is 100 percent possible. The accepted general rule is to never work more than 12 months in a continuous period of 24 months in the same hospital. In addition, you should ensure that no hospital outside your tax home becomes the main source of income for a period of several years.

By staying in the area, you can experience different contracts across your city or state while still having the comforts of home, and learn about the best travel nursing opportunities for your wants and needs. Even as a local travel nurse, you may be asked to take on a nursing role quickly, due to demand in certain areas, or during times of need, with little or no training. We'll also help you book your schedule ahead of time with the most rewarding, best-adapted, and most recent travel nursing jobs. Knowing what you want from your travel nursing career will help you decide how best to apply your approach.

Beautiful landscapes combined with medical opportunities give this paradise island the perfect combination for travel nurses. Austin's High Density of Healthcare Facilities Makes It a Magnet for Trained Nurses in a Nurse Shortage. While this may be the case, the following information should make travel nursing taxes a little easier to understand. In the meantime, here are some of the basic things you'll want to know regarding nursing travel contracts and income taxes.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects that more than 1 million nurses are required to meet current needs, and that employment opportunities for nurses will grow at a rate of 15% through 2026 compared to all other occupations (an average growth of 7%). Therefore, it is very important for travel nurses to remember that they will need to have a permanent tax home to continue to enjoy the benefits of the tax-free portion of their income. The total compensation of nurses during the trip depends on several factors, such as their specialty, contract details and the location of the hospital.

For example, a center in your state may require that any travel nurse you hire have a tax house that is so far from the facility that it can be 50 miles, or it could be further away. .

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