Most common travel nurse locations?

These states are California, Texas, New Jersey and South Carolina. Traveling nurses are desperately needed in these states, and employers often give incentives to attract nurses.

Most common travel nurse locations?

These states are California, Texas, New Jersey and South Carolina. Traveling nurses are desperately needed in these states, and employers often give incentives to attract nurses. California consistently has the highest demand for travel nurses all year round. Morgantown is a great little town (with a population of just over 30,000) in north-central West Virginia, not far from the borders of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The city is located along the Monongahela River and is known for its artistic culture, mountain history, great people and strong food scene. It's a college town: The WVU Museum of Art, Mountaineer Field, and the WVU Core Arboretum are big draws for those taking on travel nursing jobs in Morgantown. And also, a natural city explores Cheat Lake, Coopers Rock State Forest, WV Botanic Garden. About 150 miles to the east is Martinsburg, another excellent travel nursing facility to consider in West Virginia.

Here are 10 possible locations for a nurse abroad, five in the industrialized world and five in desperate need of nurses. Keep in mind that each of these countries has different policies regarding work visas, as well as leave issues related to working as a nurse. Thirty-five years of 20th century dictatorship hindered the development of a viable higher education system in Paraguay. Since the 1990s, Paraguay has adopted a more open political system, but it still lacks the population of educated health professionals needed to serve its population of nearly seven million people.

Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in South America, and political instability throughout the twentieth century has meant that the infrastructure necessary to provide quality health care has not materialized. These last five countries are drawn from this list of countries in need of nurses. These are places a nurse can go to make meaningful change, and that's not just because of health or sanitation issues. Internationally, nurse migration tends to mean that nurses from less developed countries go to more developed countries, looking for better jobs.

The Dominican Republic, for example, has only 1,334 nurses per 1,000 people. That's the result of many variables, but in part it has to do with strong incentives for qualified Dominican residents to move to the United States. Johns Hopkins Hospital, located in Baltimore, was founded in 1889 as one of the founding institutions of American medicine. From school nursing contracts to higher-paying ICU positions, there's no shortage of opportunities for nurses looking to visit Phoenix.

With an average of more than 300 days of sunshine a year, this thriving city has definitely earned the nickname “Valley of the Sun”. Add in countless restaurants, museums, scenic trails, and world-famous golf courses and spas, and we can guarantee you'll find plenty to enjoy on your days off. Are you considering nursing jobs? Start with the Best Cities for Nurses. These 15 rank in the top positions for their comforts, opportunities, nursing salaries and quality of life.

California is known for its incredible beaches, exciting cities and natural beauty. San Francisco has a fascinating history and the inspiring Golden Gate Bridge, and it's close to the towering sequoias of Muir Woods. However, nurses traveling with their families may prefer the advantages of Southern California. Kids (and kids at heart) will always love attractions like Disneyland and California's long stretch of nearby sandy beaches.

If these are some of your favorite things, talk to your recruiter about a travel nursing job in Santa Cruz. Take a travel nursing job in Omaha and you'll see why more people should stop and stay for a while in the “flyover country.”. Carrollton is a city in the Dallas—Fort Worth area that you should consider for your next travel nursing adventure. As an added benefit, nurses traveling to San Diego will be close to Mexico and other interesting places to visit, such as Orange County, Los Angeles and Palm Springs.

Culture, art, architecture, soccer, dining, outdoor activities and more draw you in when you take a travel nursing assignment in Terre Haute. Thanks to its central location, travel nurses can also take day trips to many nearby locations, such as Cape May, Philadelphia, or even New York City. When you accept a travel nursing job in White Plains, you can access all of New York City's culture, restaurants, theaters, sightseeing and more after just a quick half-hour train ride. Here are 16 states travel nurses won't want to miss, from obvious winners like California and New York, to less crowded but equally charming destinations like Missouri and Ohio.

With a location just south of supersonic Seattle, many travelers will choose a healthcare travel job in Tacoma this year. . .

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